Dr Rashel Hyaluronic Ampoule Serums


Expiry:                   3 Years

Net Weight:          2ml

Guarantee:           100% Genuine Product

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  • Whitening
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Smooth the skin
  • Activates epidermal cells
  • Restore young skin
  • Pulling the skin
  • To give the pure cool to the skin
  • The beautiful Recommended for use in the morning, always before application of the usual

Cosmetic treatment. For a more intensive treatment, it can also apply at night

  • skin all day
  • Enhances elasticity & Anti-aging
  • Intensive repair & nourish
  • Anti-wrinkle, Moisturizing, Tightening
  • Anti-oxidant.

How to use: 

  1. Take an ampoule and shake it.
  2. Hold the ampoule in one hand and place the other hand on the tip of the bottle and force the neck to break
  3. Pour the essence into the palm of your hand.
  4. Apply evenly to face and neck and gently massage until absorbed.


  1. For sensitive skin, please have a test on inside arm first, and use it if no discomfort arises.
  2. Stop using it immediately and seek help from a dermatologist in case of any allergic reactions.
  3. If the product accidentally splashes into eyes, rinse your eyes immediately





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