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Whiteskin Complete Kit

Whiteskin Complete Kit

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Dr Rashel is a very famous brand for all skincare and cosmetics. It is very popular in Pakistan. Whiteskin deal is the top-selling skincare kit in Pakistan. It is suitable for all skins including sensitive skin also.

Dr Rashel Whiteskin Complete Kit have four items.

Whitening Fade Cleanser - 150ml
Whitening Fade Spot Serum - 50ml
Fade Spots Night Cream - 50g
Fade Spots Day Cream - 50g

Whitening fade cleanser
Whitening fade cleanser is a purifying face wash that prepares the complexion for other products while creating a more even skin tone. The creamy formula removes makeup, oil, dirt and debris from pores to promote healthy skin. Contains arbutin and niacinamide ingredients in this cream cleanser also gently exfoliate and encourage cell turnover to fade dark spots and discoloration.

Dr Rashel Fade Spots Whitening Night Cream
Even skin tone, reduce dark spots, nourishes and repairs.
Contains arbutin and niacin-amide ingredients, clinically proven to even out skin tone, reduce dark spots and discoloration for a brighter, more radiant complexion.
Revives skin clarity and nurtures new skin cells. Moisturizes skin and delivers intense hydration to soothe, repair and hydrate skin overnight.
while natural active ingredients work to reduce areas of hyper-pigmentation and discoloration.

Dr Rashel Fade Spots Whitening Day Cream
Dr. Rashel Whitening Day Cream specifically formulated for All skins. This innovative cream offers a blend of whitening and oil control benefits, making it the perfect day cream for achieving a luminous, even-toned complexion. With added SPF protection, it guards against environmental damage while providing all-day hydration. Experience a brighter, more radiant look with each use. Reduces the appearance of dark spots, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation. Best for whitening.

Whitening Fade Spot Serum
Reduces pigmentation, fades dark spots. It contains arbutin and niacinamide ingredients, this highly-efficacious facial serum brightens and clarifies skin for increased radiance.
Over time, it diminishes the number and intensity of even deep-set dark spots and skin discolorations. Minimizes the appearance of a broad spectrum of dark spots,
Daily, continuous use results in visibly brighter, more radiant skin

How to Use:

  • Start with the Whitening Fade Cleanser. Apply a small amount and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.
  • Follow with the Whitening Fade Spots Serum. Apply a few drops to clean, dry skin and gently massage until fully absorbed.
  • In the morning, apply the Whitening Day Cream to your face and neck. Massage gently until fully absorbed.
  • In the evening, apply the Fade Spots Night Cream to cleansed skin, focusing on areas of concern such as dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • Use daily for best results, morning and night.
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